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Javier Rodríguez Rodríguez received his degree in Aerospace Engineering (6 year programme) at the School of Aeronautics of the Polytechnic University of Madrid in the year 2000. After finishing his studies he moved as a teaching assistant to Carlos III University, where he got his PhD in Fluid Mechanics in 2004 under supervision of Prof. Carlos Martínez-Bazán. His thesis research concerned the breakup of gas bubbles in a turbulent jet.

In january 2005 he moved to the University of California at San Diego to work as a postdoctoral researcher in the team of Prof. Juan C. Lasheras for two years. During that period, although he continued working on bubbly turbulent flows, he turned his interest towards the applications of fluid mechanics to biology and medicine.

Currently, he is an associate professor at Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain), where he teaches Fluid Mechanics. He is a curiosity-driven researcher with broad interests: bubble-sound interaction, buoyant vortex rings, free-surface flows, and the mechanics of cell migration. He enjoys explaining phenomena found in everyday life, such as why a beer bottle foams-up after being tapped, or how do snails move.