Pierre Boivin


Pierre Boivin

Short Bio

PB graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (X2003) and KTH in 2007. He worked for a year at PSA Peugeot-Citroen in CFD for external aerodynamics before starting in 2009 his PhD under the supervision of Carmen Jiménez and Antonio Sanchez. His PhD research focused on reduced chemistry of hydrogen and syngas, leading to mechanisms now used in LES/DNS CFD computations by various research teams.

In 2012, he accepted the rocket engine ignition specialist position at Snecma (Safran) – European Space Agency’s main contractor for cryogenic rocket engines. There he designed igniters and carried out ignition studies, whilst being in charge of a number of scientific projects with public labs.

Having realised there the lack of models being able to accurately represent multiphase and reactive flows simultaneously (including a dense liquid phase), he left the private sector to focus his research on this issue. He is currently a CNRS research fellow, at M2P2 lab in Marseille, France.