Daniel Moreno Boza

PhD Student


Daniel Moreno Boza

Office: EBUII, Room #564
Email: dmorenob [at] ucsd [dot] eng [dot] edu
Phone:  (858)-534-6123

Short Bio


Daniel Moreno Boza received his 5-year degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Universidad of Málaga (UMA) in 2013. He was a PhD student at the University Carlos III de Madrid at the Thermal Engineering and Fluid Mechanics department from February 2014 to March 2015, when he moved to the University of California, San Diego where he completed his PhD under the supervision of Professor Antonio L. Sánchez at the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department. His PhD Thesis, titled Stability and asymptotic analyses of effects of buoyancy on reactive flows was defended on October 2017.

Research Interests

Daniel’s research interests include numerical methods for the study of the structure and global stability of reactive and non-reactive flows. In particular, his current line of research concerns the study of laminar jet diffusion flames, as well as the stability of incompressible jets. Daniel has also dedicated time to look at the well-known Frank-Kamenetskii problem, extending the classical results to buoyancy-controlled regimes and other relevant geometries.


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  • I. Iglesias, D. Moreno-Boza, A. L. Sánchez, A. Liñán and F. A. Williams, “Thermal explosions in spherical vessels at large Rayleigh numbers”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (2017) 115, 1042-1053 (doi)
  • D. Moreno-Boza, I. Iglesias and A. L. Sánchez, “Large-activation-energy analysis of gaseous reacting flow in pipes”, Combustion and Flame (2017) 178, 217-224 (doi).
  • A. L. Sánchez, I. Iglesias, D. Moreno-Boza, A. Liñán and F. A. Williams, “The slowly reacting mode of combustion of gaseous mixtures in spherical vessels. Part 2: Buoyancy-induced motion and its effects on the explosion limits”, Combustion Theory and Modelling. (2016) (http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13647830.2016.1242781)
  • A. Liñán, D. Moreno-Boza, I. Iglesias, A. L. Sánchez and F. A. Williams, “The slowly reacting mode of combustion of gaseous mixtures in spherical vessels. Part 1: Transient analysis and explosion limits”, Combustion Theory and Modelling. (2016) (http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13647830.2016.1236987)
  • D. Moreno-Boza, W. Coenen, A. Sevilla, J. Carpio, A. L. Sánchez and A. Liñan, “Diffusion-flame flickering as a hydrodynamic global mode”, J. Fluid Mech. (2016) 798, 997-1014. (http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/jfm.2016.358)
  • J. Fernandez de Canete, P. del Saz-Orozco, D. Moreno-Boza and E. Duran-Venegas, Object-oriented modeling and simulation of the closed loop cardiovascular system by using SIMSCAPE, Computers in Biology and Medicine 43 (2013) 323-333.  [PDF]

Conference contributions 

  • 2014 APS
  • 2015 ICDERS
  • 2015 WSSCI
  • 2016 WSSCI
  • 2016 ICTAM
  • 2016 EFMC11
  • 2016 APS
  • 2017 ESSCI
  • 2017 ICDERS