Past students

PhD students

  1. Antonio Revuelta Bayod (2002), Free and confined laminar axisymmetric jets (with A. Liñán as co-advisor)
  2. José Jiménez-Alvarez (2002), Heat conduction in gases from localized energy sources
  3. José Mellado (2002), Hydrogen ignition in mixing layers and on catalytic surfaces
  4. Mario Sánchez Sanz (2007), Gaseous laminar jets with large jet-to-ambient density ratios (with A. Liñán as co-advisor)
  5. Daniel Fernández-Galisteo (2009), Numerical and asymptotic analyses of lean hydrogen-air deflagrations
  6. Jorge Arrieta-Sanagustin (2011), Vaporization and combustion of laminar jet sprays (with A. Liñán as co-advisor)
  7. Pierre Boivin (2011), Reduced mechanisms for hydrogen and syngas combustion (with C. Jiemenz as co-advisor)
  8. Daniel Martínez-Ruiz (2015), Ignition and extinction analyses of spray diffusion flames (with A. Liñán and J. Urzay as co-advisors)
  9. Marco Rosales Vera (2016), Asymptotic and numerical study of the discharge of laminar gas jets: effects of molecular weight (with M. Sánchez Sanz as co-advisor)
  10. Daniel Moreno-Boza (2017), Stability and asymptotic analyses of effects of buoyancy on reactive flows
  11. Prabakaran Rajamanickam (2019), Numerical and analytical investigations of non-isothermal fluids (with F. A. Williams as co-advisor)
  12. Adam Daniel Weiss (2020), Asymptotic studies of unsteady non-premixed flamelets and buoyancy-induced swirling flows (with F. A. Williams as co-advisor)
  13. Jenna Joaquin Lawrence (2021), Theoretical and numerical analyses of flow and transport in the spinal canal