Homework Assignment Requirements

Homework assignments have the following requirements. Any homework not following these requirements will be returned ungraded.

1. All homework must be done neatly on plain WHITE, UNRULED 8.5″×11″ paper. Each problem must be handed in on separate sheets. Each sheet of paper you hand in must contain your name, the course number, the homework number, and the date. The handwriting must be clean and legible. Illegible homework will be returned ungraded.

2. The following is the standard format for organizing and presenting the solution to a fluid mechanics problem. Use this (or similar clear, organized, logical procedure) in your homework.
(a) Problem Description – include the following:
• Given information and basic description.
• Schematic of problem/geometry. Clearly indicate the system/control volume considered, coordinate system, and any other relevant information.
• What is to be determined.
(b) List of assumptions – list all appropriate simplifying assumptions.
(c) Basic equations – fundamental laws, equations, definitions to be used.
(d) Analysis
• clearly describe the procedure to manipulate/reduce the equations to give the solution.
• reference all tables and charts needed for physical properties and other data.
• substitute numerical values into final equations; be sure to specify all units and unit conversions.
• keep significant figures consistent with given data.
• check solution – correct sign, reasonable numerical values?
• clearly indicate final answer(s) with underline or box.
(e) Discussion of solution – as needed (what you learned, key aspects of solution, etc).

3. Grades will be determined by student’s:
• Understanding of the problem.
• Identification of necessary procedure to obtain solution.
• Clear and precise description of solution.
• Correct numerical answers.